websettings.php / webanalytics.php

$web_analytics_db = new web_db_manager("mysql:dbname=database;host=", "user", "password");

After that all you need to do is including webanalytics.php in your own php scripts to start collecting data:

include "webanalytics.php";

After collecting enough data you will see a simple report when opening webstatistics.php.

Interested in using WebAnalytics as a library or in a modified way? You can disable auto run in the settings:

$web_auto_run = FALSE;

To run web analytics manually use following code:

$web_analytics = new web_analytics($web_analytics_db, $_SERVER, $_COOKIE);

As a professional you might also want to try our yet experimental JavaScript for collecting additional data:

<script src="wa.js"></script>


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